Thinking How to Generate Leads for Your Business, Try VCA Business Software

Be it the small and medium enterprises or the large business firms, generating healthy and effective leads always concerns Owners and Directors. There is no single factor that results in the generation of leads that can enhance the conversion rate. Rather, there are multiple factors that drive companies towards a healthy lead generation.

  • Healthy Business-Customer Relationship
  • Two-Directional Communication
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Engagement
  • 24 X 7 Availability Across Platforms
  • Optimized Marketing
  • Effective Brand Positioning

These are some of the many factors, which play an imperative role in converting visitors into the prospective buyers.

The VCA business software minimizes the error-rate as well as the human intervention to optimize resources, tasks and the other various functions. Right from sales, marketing, supply chain to CRM, this business software by Cordis Technology, automates the entire processes. It streamlines processes and automates the diverse aspects of management, which helps in gaining traction and also in winning the stakeholder’s confidence significantly. In short, the VCA business process management software supports in generating a constant revenue even in the long-run.

Thinking How to Generate Leads for Your Business, Try VCA Business Software

How can VCA effectively generate leads for your businesses?

There are many other factors, which encourages a visitor in becoming a loyal customer. Companies aim at generating healthy leads to enhance the revenue generation. What companies need is — a continued relationship with customers, responsive business platform, the quality products & services and many such other elements, which together defines the value for customers. And, the VCA business software is best suited for all such factors.

Automated Marketing Solution

Along with all the other business processes, the VCA business software also automates the marketing process. It helps in reducing the unrelenting workload of executives and saves much time for them to show their creativity while developing campaigns and performing the other various tasks.

The automated marketing process optimizes the digital medium and supports in direct marketing. Businesses can send automated emails and SMS to customers making them aware of the various products and services, sales, discounts, campaigns and also the other various promotional offers. They can also send automated messages to customers, wishing them on their birthdays and anniversaries.

The content can be customized while creating campaigns or while wishing customers. In other words, the stylish fonts can be selected, attractive colors can be chosen and the content can be enhanced to make it more appealing.

Besides, with the automation of the diverse tasks, VCA also enables businesses in successfully positioning the products & services among the customers who are active on the various social media platforms. All these factors, together significantly support in generating healthy leads.

 Integrated Communication Solution

Customers, these days, are tech-savvy and they love to shop from anywhere and anytime, across platforms. The VCA business software integrates the advanced communication mediums such as emails, SMS, voice-calls, telephone, fax and chats, ensuring a smooth flow of communication within and outside the business organization.

It is not only companies, which can help in reaching to customers, but even consumers can use any of the advanced media platforms to put their queries against any of the products and services. Companies can even make automated posts on the various social media websites. Customers can follow their favorite brands as well as use platforms such as Twitter to post their queries and get an instant solution.

VCA Boosts Transparency  

business process management software by Cordis Technology, businesses can boost transparency

With this business process management software by Cordis Technology, businesses can boost transparency within and outside processes. Transparency builds trust, which motivates the customers to remain loyal even in the long-run.

Businesses can effectively manage every single lead and keep a track of the entire marketing process through a visual dashboard. It keeps processes, people and the other various functions integrated into one single platform. Therefore, the VCA’s visual dashboard significantly supports companies in addressing to all sorts of customer’s queries and the other various problems in almost no time.

Another factor of VCA that enables businesses in gaining the confidence of customers is that incorporates disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). This makes the business system apt to cater to the customers who are powered by the Internet-of-Things (IoT), smartphones and the various social media websites. VCA makes the business system responsive and helps in remaining available 24 x 7 and across platforms. These factors together impact customers positively and therefore supports significantly in generating leads and enhancing the conversion rate to a great extent.

Consists of an Inbuilt CRM Software

Unlike many of the advanced ERP software, VCA is an end-to-end business solution. It not only automates the entire business processes, but also consists of an inbuilt CRM, which further boosts the healthy lead generation of companies.

VCA-CRM play a key role in managing and converting leads. Having successfully placed the product among customers, the VCA-CRM software supports customers in getting their queries resolved instantly. Moreover, it checks the customer database and refers to their purchase history to the sales team, indicating them about strong leads.

VCA Support in Developing Customer-Centric Products & Services 

VCA Support in Developing Customer-Centric Products & Services

VCA is an affordable business software, which provides an equal opportunity for both SMEs as well as Large Enterprises to generate healthy leads and enhance the conversion rate. It enables companies in solving customer’s queries from anywhere and anytime, using even smartphones and tablets.

The best thing about VCA is that it has been designed to evolve with the continuously changing technologies and trends. With the continuously evolving technologies, the market trends change and so do the customer’s behavior. And with VCA, business leaders can always understand the continuously changing customer preferences and develop strategies accordingly.

The VCA business software creates an automated system, which keeps them connected without customers across platforms, at any time and from anywhere. This leaves no room for gaps. It helps companies in placing the products and services among customers successfully, resulting in an enhanced lead generation, conversion rate optimization and thus, in an enhanced revenue even in the long-run.

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