VCA Helps in Fighting Challenges Faced by New Companies

“VCA business software is designed to automate processes and add stability to the overall performance of the new companies, which consists of a volatile market condition. With 0% AMC and low capital investment required, VCA brings affordable technological solutions, providing new companies an equal platform to explore the diverse business opportunities.”

Starting a business may be easy and uncomplicated, but running its operation successfully is not going to be an easy task. On the one hand, where the world market provides enormous business opportunities, the volatile market, on the other hand, throws innumerable challenges to new companies.

Holding the first position in the smartphone penetration and most of the population living in the urban areas & using the various social media networks actively — the world market consists of a temperamental customer base. And it becomes really challenging for the new companies to understand the constantly swinging mood, perpetually changing behavior & the preferences of the tech-savvy customers.

At the same time, the market across the world is volatile, where technologies never remain the same and where the start-ups are announced at regular intervals. Such factors add to the continuously increasing competition, making it difficult for the new companies to perform with utmost stability and to gain competitive advantages.

VCA Helps in Fighting Challenges Faced by New Companies in Dubai

The VCA business software is a one-stop solution to many such challenges that thwart the growth of the new companies. Developed by the experts at Cordis Technology, this business process workflow software is designed to support companies in evolving with the continuously changing time, technologies and customer’s behavior. In the other words, it also means that with VCA, companies can keep performing robustly even in the future.

Let’s discuss and understand –

Q. What sort of challenges are faced by new companies?

Q. And, how the VCA business process workflow software helps the new companiesin successfully dealing with all such challenges?

  • Optimum Utilization of the Working Capital

The new companies tread softly when it comes to managing the working capital effectively and efficiently as ultimately it is what decides the success at every stage of the business functioning.

New companies spend a lot of money to match the pace of the competitive business environment, without keeping a proper record of the expenses. But, VCA is aptly designed to support the new companies in managing the capital and also in keeping a proper record for the same.

The VCA business software integrates the entire business functioning into a consolidated platform through a visual dashboard. This enhances the transparency and allows business leaders to keep a track of every single transaction in the real-time. They can instantly identify the resources lying idle and direct such resources towards achieving the common organizational goals. Additionally, Owners and Directors can also quickly identify and eliminate the tasks that are adding no value to the business.

On the other hand, VCA is designed to significantly reduce the operational costs. It saves the entire business data in the cloud and allows business to run the diverse business operations using even smartphones, from anywhere and anytime. Besides, businesses do not have to bother about spending on the installation of hardware and software. In fact, they also do not have to pay the license fees or build a server in the office premises.

Incorporating disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the VCA business software makes the system responsive

With these factors, the VCA business software enables the new companies in managing the business funds with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Effective Brand Positioning

The world market, of course, consists of innumerable small to medium to large business firms. Therefore, the competition is quite obvious for the new companies. In such a situation it would indeed be a challenge to place the new brand among customers.

VCA makes it uncomplicated. It automates the sales and the marketing processes of companies, resulting in the optimum utilization of the advanced digital marketing mediums to achieve an effective brand positioning.

Automated email and SMS can be sent to the entire customer database in one go. Moreover, companies can keep connected to the customers, who are active on the various social media websites 24 x 7.

When compared to the conventional methods and other marketing solutions, VCA enables companies in reaching directly to the customers in a short span of time. Moreover, the automated system supports two-directional communication model, which allows customers to approach to businesses at any time and from anywhere through even smartphones and by using any of the mediums they are comfortable with.

Incorporating disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the VCA business software makes the system responsive. It enables in addressing the customer’s problem instantly, which encourages the visitors to turn into a buyer and gives them a valid reason to remain loyal even in the long-run.

  • Developing an Interactive Relationship with Customers

Designed with an inbuilt-CRM software, VCA ensures that the new companies are able to reap maximum benefits from a healthy business-customer relationship. More than enabling in maintaining the customer’s database, VCA supports in developing a personalized relationship, which can result in retaining the existing customers and attracting the new ones.

The entire record of customers are well recorded and saved in the cloud, in a separate profile for every individual customer. This allows customer care executives in instantly referring to customer’s history, which essentially helps in proving an instant solution to every single customer. Moreover, with this, VCA also helps businesses in keeping a track of the continuously changing preferences and behavior of customers. Thus, companies can develop customer-centric strategies, which can enhance productivity and profitability by a great margin.

Customers play an imperative role in driving businesses, be it an old or a new one, towards a constant growth and success. And VCA is apt to support the new companies in developing an interactive and a long-term relationship with customers.

  • Establishing a Smooth Workflow

There are innumerable factors that support companies in establishing a smooth business workflow. For instance, the completion of business tasks within the allocated time and resources, the satisfaction of employees, delivering customers the value and many such other factors.

With the automation of tasks, the VCA business process workflow software streamlines processes as well as reduces the unrelenting workload of employees. It enables businesses in completing tasks right in time and also ensures optimum utilization of resources.

It integrates advanced communication mediums such as voice calls, emails, SMS, chat and telephone into one single platform. This significantly supports the elimination of all sorts of the performance bottlenecks. All these factors together enable the new companies in establishing a smooth workflow, which essentially helps in competing directly with the already established businesses in the country, in comparatively less time.

  • Ensuring Compliance with the Government Policies

Governments across the states in the world encourages start-ups and new entrepreneurs. But at the same time, the government expects complete compliance with its policies and protocols meant for businesses.

With VCA business software the new companies do not have to bother about ensuring compliance. For instance, governments are largely implementing the VAT and companies are now bound to proper bookkeeping. VCA is an end-to-end business solution. Along with diverse management aspects such as HR, supply chain, sales and marketing, it also works as an accounting software.

VCA business software supports companies in gaining the confidence of government authorities

It records & reports transactions in the real-time and supports in generating an automated VAT-compliant invoice to customers & suppliers. It enables Finance Managers in managing the cash-flows effectively and also in scrutinizing entire accounting tasks from anywhere and anytime. With such factors, VCA business software supports companies in gaining the confidence of government authorities, which in turn also supports in winning the customer’s loyalty.

VCA is Designed to Support in Gaining Competitive Advantages

VCA business process management software is uniquely designed. It consists of a flexible structure, which means, unlike the traditional ERP software, Owners & Directors can customize this cloud-based business software according to the new process requirements.

VCA automates the entire business process, which not only makes doing business hassle-free but at the same time, it helps in gaining the complete support of stakeholders. A robust business performance encourages investors to remain invested in the new companies for a long-term and also plays an essential role in gaining the customer’s loyalty. Using disruptive technologies, the VCA business software enhances profitability along with productivity and also supports in reaping the complete benefits of competitive advantages, even when the market is volatile.

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