5 Benefits of VCA – Advanced Marketing Automation Software

We will all agree to the fact that the various digitized platforms have made it quite easier for companies to approach customers. And, when combined with disruptive technologies such as Automation & Artificial Intelligence, businesses can efficiently use diverse platforms to increase sales, generate healthy leads and improve the conversion rate.

In short, at a time when companies find the traditional marketing management software to be costly and inflexible, companies are relying on the advanced cloud-based marketing automation software for a constant revenue generation & a successful marketing performance.

With its success rate, the advanced marketing automation is gaining traction. A report informs that the total market value of the marketing automation software is expected to reach $5.5 Billion by the year 2019.

advanced cloud-based marketing automation software for a constant revenue generation & a successful marketing performance

The demand for the traditional marketing solutions is receding unprecedentedly. Instead, more and more companies, both SMEs and Large Enterprises, are showing their confidence in implementing technological solutions that incorporate the continuously evolving technologies such as AI, SaaS, Automation & Cloud-Computing.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is one such advanced process management software, which is designed to automate entire processes, including marketing. Let’s know about 5 benefits of automating the marketing process implementing an advanced business management software such as VCA.

1.   Effective Brand Positioning

Marketing is all about communicating with customers effectively. This is a technology-driven age, where customers are well informed and tech-savvy. With the continuously increasing smartphone penetration, the Internet usage and the active users of various social media platforms, it becomes challenging for companies to manage all the fronts separately.

Automation makes the process fast and uncomplicated. With an advanced marketing automation software, companies can send bulk email & SMS to the entire customer database and can also make automated posts on Twitter, Facebook and other various social media platforms.

This helps in informing customers about various products and services through all the advanced media platforms and that too in one go. An automated marketing process plays an imperative role in creating an effective brand knowledge among customers.

2.   Personalized Communication

The software is programmed to perform automated marketing tasks and functions. Making best use of the digital marketing channels, VCA enables companies in reaching out to customers directly through SMS and emails.

Almost 100% of the electronic devices in the market supports SMS. And businesses can use SMS marketing to generate leads. Reports suggest that approximately 90% of the SMS is read in less than 3 minutes, from the time it is received.

Moreover, automated emails can be sent to customers informing them on sales, offers and other various promotions. Companies can send personalized messages with creatively designed content, wishing customers on their birthdays and anniversaries. This helps in developing a personalized and a long-term relationship with customers.

3.   Effective Campaigns with Creative Content

With automated marketing process, the marketing executives can have much to show their creativity and put their best efforts to perform diverse tasks. The marketing executives can plan & design the campaign much in advance and can schedule the launch at a later date.

VCA marketing automation software enables businesses in analyzing the overall performance

The style of content, the font, the color — all such things can be customized to creatively design campaigns, which can attract customers. With automation of such marketing tasks, the unrelenting workload of employees reduces sharply. And, it also helps in generating leads.

4.   Intelligent Analytical Performance

Creating marketing campaigns and its launch becomes uncomplicated and efficient with the automation of the process but, it is also important to know the performance of diverse marketing efforts.

Incorporating disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (A), VCA complements the proactive decision-making abilities of the human workforce. With its intelligent analytics, VCA marketing automation software enables businesses in analyzing the overall performance of campaigns launched as well as the other various marketing tasks performed. This supports businesses in better planning of marketing strategies as well as in understanding the continuously changing preferences of customers.

5.   Effective Marketing with Low Capital Requirements

There are innumerable marketing automation solutions available in the market. Some offer the traditional On-Premises ERP software services, whereas some others are cloud-based. But VCA has an edge over many of the advanced marketing automation software.

It not only offers the cloud-based services but also incorporates the advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology. Therefore, performing diverse marketing tasks now becomes possible from anywhere and anytime, using even smartphones and tablets. The SaaS technology, on the other hand, significantly reduces the working capital requirements.

With VCA marketing automation software, companies do not have to spend money on the installation of hardware and software. Unlike On-Premises ERP software, they don’t need to build a server or pay for the license fees. Moreover, payments for the software application services has to be made on the pay-per-use basis. Moreover, based on SaaS, VCA business software updates and upgrades at regular intervals, without any additional costs. All these factors together generate equal opportunities for even the SMEs to reap complete benefits of automated marketing.

Effective Marketing with Low Capital Requirements with Advanced Marketing Automation Software VCA

Reaping Benefits of the Inbuilt CRM Software

VCA is unique because this business software is an end-to-end solution. It consists of an inbuilt CRM software, which integrates the automated marketing process and significantly supports in an effective lead management.

More than maintaining the customer database, the inbuilt CRM helps in maintaining a healthy relationship with customers. It records entire communication details and keeps it integrated into one place. The customer care executives can instantly refer to the history of a customer and can deliver an instant solution to customers.

Supporting two-directional communication, the inbuilt CRM of VCA enables customers in connecting to businesses using advanced media platforms. It enhances the responsive time of businesses and therefore, impacts customers buying decision as well. Customers get the value and businesses, on the other hand, can see a surge in profitability.

Marketing Automation Leads to a Sound Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Right from drafting appropriate strategies & its effective implementation, designing campaigns and the content creatively to analyzing the overall performance of the entire marketing process – VCA marketing automation software is designed to drive businesses towards a constant growth.

Besides automating the rote marketing tasks & streamlining the entire process, a cloud-based marketing management software is more about developing a personalized business-customer relationship. It boosts transparency, makes the system responsive and encourages customers to remain loyal even in the long-run.

The Automation technology significantly enhances the efficiency of the business marketing process. With no time-lag, reduced errors, optimum resource utilization and smooth communication — the VCA marketing automation software supports in generating a sound return-on-investment (ROI) even in the long run.

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