Value Creation Automation – The Future of Business Automation

In an age, when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in its infancy, the demand for an advanced automation software such as VCA is expected to accelerate unprecedentedly.

Evolving technologies continuously kept on transforming the face of businesses across the world. With the advent of the Internet and thereupon a rapid growth in the digitization of tasks, complications in performing diverse business tasks softened. But at the same time, things changed at a breakneck speed for customers as well.

Continuously innovating technologies and the increasing Internet usage gave birth to innumerable modern-day businesses and also encouraged entrepreneurship. And, amidst all this, the competition continues to grow manifold.

In the prevailing market condition, where various social media websites and smartphones made customers tech-savvy, businesses face a serious challenge to deliver value to customers who are not only well informed but are also filled with innumerable options.

The On-Premises ERP software has been a long time friend to businesses, which helped in enhancing the process efficiency. But, not any further. It is time for businesses to adopt an advanced automation software, which can evolve with evolving technologies.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is one such advanced business software that consists of a flexible structure and is designed with the ability to shape the future of both SMEs as well as Large Enterprises.

According to a report published on, approximately 99% of the business leaders believe automation of work is advantageous. The report further adds that in an age when technologies such as “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still in its infancy with regard to work, more than half of business leaders expect to implement work automation in the coming years.”

Perpetually rising operational costs raises concerns for the business leaders and a modern-day business automation software, at this juncture, is developed with an aim to pacify the smoldering heat of Business Owners and Directors.

The advanced business management software such as VCA, for instance, consists of multiple factors, which can support companies in reducing operational costs to a great extent.

Improves Process Efficiency

advanced business management software such as VCA - future of business automation

There are many ways in which business operational costs are reduced through the implementation of an advanced process automation software. And, one among them is improving the efficiency of business processes.

  • Reduced Error Rate & Decreased Labour Costs – With work automation, the dependency on employees reduces and so do the error-rate. Tasks with repetitive nature are automated. The programmed machine performs comparatively faster, efficiently and accurately than the human workforce.
  • Optimum Resource Utilization – The VCA business software incorporates technology models such as Six-Sigma and Lean Management. This helps Owners, Directors, and Managers in the instant identification of resources lying idle and directing it towards the achievement of organizational goals.
  • Improved Productivity & Increased Profitability – The work automation eliminates the time-lag. Business leaders can instantly identify and eliminate tasks that add no value to the organization. This helps in the establishment of a smooth workflow and hence, boosts both the productivity and the profitability of companies.
  • Reduced Employee Turnover with Enhanced Satisfaction – An increase in the employee turn-over rate remains one of the major challenges for businesses, especially smaller firms. With the automation of tasks, the unrelenting workload of employees receded significantly. Moreover, with improved transparency, flawless communication and standardization of work, an advanced BPM software results in complete satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Speed & Accuracy in Tasks – With the automation of every single day-to-day activity, businesses can remain assured that tasks are completed in one go and with utmost accuracy. This boosts productivity by ensuring the completion tasks within the allocated time, budget and other resources.

Based on SaaS Business Delivery Model  

Business Automation Software VCA Based on SaaS Business Delivery Model

Another factor that makes the future of the advanced business automation software such as VCA bright and promising is — because it incorporates the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology. Today, SaaS-based and cloud-based business automation solutions constitute approximately 83% of the total market share, thwarting the traditional On-Premises ERP software to just at 17%. And, the growth of such disruptive technologies doe snot seems to recede in the near future.

  • Reduces Capital Requirements – Companies no more have to invest in hardware, license fees, software, servers and in the set up of an IT team. The vendors of BPM software takes care of all such costs as well as upgrade & training costs also.
  • Updates Software Applications at Regular Intervals – Enabled by SaaS, the VCA business automation software update the software application on a regular basis. These support Owners, Directors, and employees in gaining the knowledge about innovating technologies by using the latest version of the software.
  • Pay-Per-Use Subscription Model – An advanced process automation software is not like the traditional On-Premises ERP software, where businesses are required to sign a long-term contract. With a flexible structure, the business automation software VCA allow businesses to add and remove users as per the requirement. The software services are subscribed on a monthly basis, where businesses just have to pay for the number of users deployed.
  • Allow Small Businesses to Reap Benefits of Technological Solutions – With not much investment required, even small businesses can adopt the advanced automation software, which allows running diverse business operations from almost zero capital.
  • Helps in an Integrated Business Control – Consists of a visual dashboard, which displays details for every single transaction in the real-time. Owners, Directors, and employees can have instant access to it even through mobile phones and tablets. The visual dashboard integrates entire business operations at one platform and thus boosts transparency. It results in better control go operations and also helps in establishing a smooth communication flow that further helps in the elimination of performance bottlenecks.

VCA combines the diverse features of innumerable process management software such as SCM, CRM and many more. It is a one-stop solution for diverse modern-day business problems. Converging evolving technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), SaaS, automation and cloud-computing, this business automation software by Cordis Technology, is being widely implemented by both SMEs and Large Enterprises.

It automates tasks, saves business data in the cloud and programme software to analyze any particular situation, decide and act as a trained employee.

And, above all, enabled by SaaS, VCA consists of a flexible structure. Its ability to evolve with evolving trends and technologies makes it unique and gives an edge over many of the advanced ERP software. It becomes uncomplicated to integrate with the existing business system and Owners & Directors can instantly customize this business management software, according to new process requirements. In other words, an advanced automation solution such as VCA is designed to drive overall business performance towards a constant growth and success, even in the long-run.

Automation Software Means Complete Transformation of in Business Functioning 

Automation Software Means Complete Transformation of Business Functioning

Enabled by the Internet, mobile phones, and social media websites, customers in this technology-driven world are temperamental. An advanced automation software such as VCA helps businesses in the efficient tracking of continuously changing market trends and also end-user preferences.

Incorporating disruptive technologies such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the cloud-computing, an advanced business automation software such as VCA leads to a significant decline in the costly ERP software. There’s a complete transformation in the way companies function.

Be it SMEs or be it Large Enterprises, companies are now able to well connect with global customers; are reaping benefits of the automated email, SMS as well as social media marketing; are able to use advanced media platforms for effective brand positioning; and, are able to deliver value to customers at every different stage.

Moreover, business data is no more maintained using the paper; businesses can now perform diverse operations at any time and from anywhere; and, the unrelenting workload on the human workforce can recede sharply. The future of business automation has a sanguine face – not because it will boost productivity and productivity, but, also because – an end-to-end business process automation software such as VCA can support business organizations in developing holistically.

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