Value Creation Automation– Right Time to Start Using VCA ERP System

The truth is, any time is the right time to implement an ERP system. Whether you want to kick-start a small business, just started your own company, or are in charge of running a rather large organization, automation of some sort is always needed.

Just to be on the safe side, ERP automation doesn’t necessarily mean large industry-scaled robots powered by sophisticated. A small software that takes care of a particular business functions such as customer relations or accounting can count as an ERP.

Value Creation Automation– Right Time to Start Using VCA ERP System

The sad reality is that many small business owners have countless reasons to justify why they can’t or won’t invest in an ERP, for example, “it’s too expensive” or “i don’t have a big business” or “my workers aren’t into technology”. These are just a few of many excuses I get to hear from my clients.

My job is to help businesses understand why they need an ERP and when should they opt for one. The answers to this question is “NOW”. It’s never too early to too late to get an ERP into your business. The sole purpose of this technology is to create efficiency, speed, accuracy and transform your business for the better.

Today’s article will revolve around VCA – Value Creation Automation, an ERP system designed to help businesses, mostly small ones, to grow and expand. Now you may be wondering why I picked this product, am I promoting it? No, I’m just here to put out the facts for you so you can make a better decision. Along the way, I will also be debunking myths that revolve around ERP systems.

What is VCA and why does it do?     Value Creation Automation VCA

VCA stands for Value Creation Automation, clearly it represents the idea of “creating value”. If we look around, customers have become extremely picky and often go for products or services which give them the most for their money and time. This is value, value customers seek. And your job as a business is to provide this value at the best price possible, and at the best time possible.

Value Creation Automation isn’t just an ERP, it is a complete platform of unlimited features that aid your business processes and create remarkable value which stands out.

The technology-driven platform streamlines all processes, and by “all”, I actually mean “all and entire”. You customers care processes, financial management, costing, operations, human resources, you name it, this ERP software has it all.

Is it a software?

It is a software, a two-way software rather. One side for your business, and another for your customers. The software is cloud-based, which means you won’t be needing any extra hardware or re-wiring of your workplace. All you need to do is log-in, and that’s about it.

The program gives you complete control of your business functions. How? It creates connections with processes, showing you in real-time, the progress levels of your tasks, your workers tasks, deliveries, customer responses, and more. Your VCA dashboard is your window to your business’s internal and external controls.

Can I afford it?

VCA program gives you complete control of your business functions

Yes, you can definitely afford it. If you are worried about high costs, let me help you understand the costing strategy of VCA. This software is unlike many other ERPs which have a high purchase cost accompanied with other expenses such as hardware installation and technical training.

VCA only charges you for each user you have. For example, if you have 10 workers in your company, you will be paying a monthly fee for these users or less, depending on your requirements. Forget about the high fees and other costs, VCA isn’t like the rest, it is about making your business grow.

Is it suitable for small sized businesses and diverse industries?

Yes, VCA has been created to suit all sizes of businesses. There are no minimum employee requirements. You can use VCA over its online platform without having to worry about high costs or technical formalities. Whether you work in retail, manufacturing, services or any other industry, VCA can help improve your business performance and sales significantly.

As we have seen, there are ERP systems which cater to specific industries such as banking. Such programs come with only industry-specific features. VCA has been designed to fit all kinds of industry-needs and segments.

When is the right time to implement VCA?

Cloud based business automation software vca erp

The right time is now. Market trends are constantly changing and competition getting tougher. If you plan to stay competitive and keep your market share, you need to focus on improving process efficiency. This can be achieved with the help of VCA, which improves lean production and reduces waste of all kinds.

VCA doesn’t take months to implement nor does it require hiring an expert team. You can give them a call now and get a free consultation the very next day. Or you could leave them a message and receive instant feedback now.

What if I don’t like the software?

If VCA doesn’t come up to your expectations, you don’t have to worry. The vendors of VCA are offering a full refund on the product. So, what’s the harm in trying out this software?

My Conclusion

With VCA comes plentiful business opportunities, letting you capitalize and increase your market share. The product itself uses AI technology to give you the very best of automation in a simplistic form. Running a business can be a tough pursuit, but with VCA, you can gain an edge and thrive despite growing competition. So, step up your game and get in touch with VCA experts now.

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