10 Reasons Why VCA ERP is the Best ERP for Small Businesses

“No Business is Too Small for ERP Systems”

Businesses, which fall in the small-to-medium size range, often excuse themselves from implementing ERP systems by simply claiming their companies are too small for such systems. To put such misconception aside, research has shown that smaller businesses have a better chance of growing and competing in the market share due to their flexible business structure and agility.

So, does the question of getting an ERP or not still remain? Progressive Markets conducted a thorough study to bring out valuable facts regarding ERP systems and their usage in the industry. The study shows that small and mid-sized firms are adopting ERP systems at a fast rate and will most likely register a Compound Annual Growth Rate CAGR of 7.6% from 2017-2025. This figure represents how ERP systems enable faster growth in businesses.

10 Reasons Why VCA ERP is the Best ERP for Small Businesses in Dubai

There are too many ERP vendors in the world, but none are geared towards meeting the needs of small scaled businesses. Value Creation Automation (VCA) on the other hand, is a recent ERP competitor which is making big waves by providing a flexible yet functional platform for business management.

The system has been designed to compete with upcoming market challenges and industry policies such as the VAT tax initiating in the first half of 2018. Governments around the world requires most, if not all, businesses to register for the VAT and provide periodic returns. This means most businesses will need to upgrade their accounting functions to meet taxing regulations. But as a small business, hiring a tax expert may not be such as feasible option. Which is why VCA is has become the first choice for small businesses across the world.

But apart from its in-built capability to compute and apply VAT tax at various stages of operations and deliver, VCA is popular for a number of other reasons.

Here are 10 reasons why VCA is the best ERP for small businesses across the world:

1.  It is Affordable     Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP in Dubai is Affordable

For small scaled businesses, budget is the number one concern when it comes to investing in ERP systems. The market is full of systems which are expensive and designed to cater to the world of large organizations. However, the creators of VCA have dedicated their efforts to help small businesses rise by providing them a fully-functional ERP system which goes beyond expected limitations.

The reason why I have mentioned affordability as the first reason is because this is the first and foremost concern of small business owners. So, let’s get the pricing and misconception of expensive ERP system out of the way.

VCA has no hardware installation or capital cost requirements. Which means, you won’t be needing a massive budget to afford VCA. The vendors of VCA simply take a user-based fee every month. This fee is for using the software and availing and technical support is needed. So, if you have 10 employees in your business, you will be paying a minimum monthly fee for 10 users. Sounds pretty affordable, doesn’t it?

2.  It is Cloud-based     Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP in Dubai is Cloud-based ERP

On-premise ERP systems are out and Cloud is in! According to a recent research conducted by Panorama Consulting, the demand for cloud based ERP systems has increased. 56% of the survey respondents stated that deploying cloud technology helped them save at least 20% of implementation costs.

VCA is available in clod and on-premise both. But small scaled businesses with a low budget can opt for VCA Cloud. The system uses stat-of-the-art AI technology to eliminate risks of security breach and risk of data loss. With VCA cloud, you can reduce more than half of your expenses related to hardware installation and other space-consuming servers. You can conduct business by simply logging in from anywhere, making remote management easy and simple.

3.  It is Extremely Intelligent     Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP in Dubai is extremely intelligent

Most ERP architectures are rigid and incapable of evolving to meet changing demands. VCA is at the moment, the only ERP system which adapts to evolution just like we humans. The machine learning architecture used in this system is combined with Artificial Intelligence which makes super smart, flexible and highly intelligent.

One of the key features of most ERP systems is that they can capture and present data, but this is not enough, especially in today’s advanced economy. VCA not captures and present data, but is capable of analyzing data, suggesting requirements changes in the system, and creating an ecosystem which enables market and network growth. VCA can detect changes in the markets, identify viable business opportunities and reshape operational processes to meet such changes.

4.  It is For Your Customers as Well     Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP in Dubai is for your customer

VCA isn’t designed just for the business itself, but allows customers and users to connect with businesses. Imagine having a two-way system, with your employees at one end and your customers at the other end. Customers can be provided user logins, and can access your business offerings online.

But it doesn’t end here. Customers can make use of many features which make the entire shopping experience worthwhile. For example, a customer can place an order, track progress, connect with your employees via chat, internet call or email, send and receive necessary documents, and more.

5.  It is Integrated     Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP in Dubai is integrated

Jack of all trades but master at none? This statement perfectly goes with traditional and commonly found ERP systems today. A ERP system will maybe provide basic functionality of all business processes such as finance, HR, operations, etc. But, no ERP offers complete specialization of entire business functions in one module.

VCA has broken this major limitation, making it the only ERP system which is integrated with entire business units and functions. A single or multiple database for information are integrated, where all or some data can be merged, collaborated and retrieved for processing or completion of a business task.

To make this point clear, here’s an example: With a typical ERP, your worker may still have to manually input financial data from a database into another platform such as HR, to create a report that shows employee task completion, expense or profit made on a particular project. With VCA however, the system requires no manual shifting of data from one place to another. You can literally retrieve any data from any department at any time, with just a click.

6.  No Manual Input     Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP in Dubai requires no manual input

With ERP systems, you will still be performing a lot of tasks manually on the software. From inputting employee data to making financial statement, the manual workload may not reduce as much. VCA however, almost reduces the need for manual data-entry entirely. The intelligent system can collect data from across various external platforms and sift them to create a data-rich platform.

On the other hand, VCA means that tasks are automated, task instructions are automatically sent out, timers are automatically set, reminders are sent out as scheduled, and so much more. You will be able to save a lot of time which can be channeled to other core business areas such as planning.

7.  Even Marketing is Automated     Even marketing is automated with Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP in Dubai

Marketing is a key function of any business. Without a steady consumer inflow or customer retention, your business isn’t going to get far. In the market, you may be able to find flexible CRM systems and marketing automation software, but none of these come in-built with an ERP. But with VCA, you don’t have to worry about marketing one bit. The system features all the necessary tools needed for marketing purposes such as Email and SMS campaign management.

VCA marketing can help your business capture leads, create promotional emails and SMS, find the right target audience, schedule marketing campaigns and so much more.

8.  It is Simple and Easy to Use     Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP in Dubai is simple and easy to use

Simplicity is the key to gaining appreciation and acceptance. Why have a complex looking ERP user interface which your employees despise using? Figures and numbers, unfamiliar terms and buttons, incomprehensible graphs, all such components make an ERP look difficult to use and of course, unpopular.

VCA is designed to let anyone, and absolutely anyone use it for their benefit. The system has one main interface format, which can be used by you and your customers. Your version will enable you to see workers, tasks in progress, completions, financial output, cashflow, and pretty much anything you need to know about your business performance in real-time. Your workers can easily adjust to VCA without having to undergo training. On the other hand, imagine how much you will save on technical or training costs that usually come with other major ERP systems.

9.  It is All About Communication     Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP in Dubai is all about communication

Emails piling up, documents going missing, no record of communication with customers, forgotten reminders, all these represent a communication mishap, which occurs on a daily basis in most organizations. Wouldn’t it be nice if all your communication channels, whether its phone, email or chat, become integrated on a single platform? With VCA, this is possible!

VCA communication platform allows you to integrate your communication channels. So for instance, if a new customer sends you a request for information, the system will detect the new entry, alert the employee, and create a profile for your use. Now every time that customer calls, emails or sends a message, the communication will automatically store on the profile. You don’t have to worry about searching for old phone records or emails.

10.  Smooth Collaboration and Production     Smooth collaboration and production with Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP in Dubai

VCA streamlines entire process cycles and connects them to a single platform. Every process is analyzed for improvement in real-time. With one task being followed by another, and costs being calculated simultaneously, process cycles become smooth and easy to manage.

VCA also reduces resource wastage and focuses on lean production, enabling your business to produce cleaner and faster. No more worries about bottlenecks, no more delays in operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

The above mentioned 10 reasons justify why VCA is gaining momentum in the automation industry across the world. If you own a small business and are looking to get a new ERP system, or replace an old legacy system, consider VCA. The time to move your business towards growth is now, so join hands with VCA and experience tremendous growth on all business fronts. You can contact VCA experts by visiting at www.cordis.us

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