Time to Adopt Automation to Manage Business Finance

Not many years ago, companies maintained a team of experts in finance and accounting department to manage entire financial operations. But despite that, accuracy has always been questioned. These days when the evolving technologies have completely changed the face of businesses, companies need perfection, precision and complete accuracy to gain competitive advantages.

With the super-fast changing technologies and continuously increasing competition level, maintaining so much of data manually is next to impossible. There are organizations, which process a huge amount of data on a daily basis and therefore every time inaccuracies and errors add to companies’ operational costs. Therefore, businesses across the world are bidding an adieu to traditional measures of bookkeeping. To catch up with the rapidly changing pace of, businesses, small or larger, are embracing advanced financial automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA).

What is VCA Finance?

VCA stands for Value Creation Automation. It is a brainchild of Cordis Technology. VCA finance is designed with advanced technological business models, which helps companies, small or large, in maintaining their ledger and other financial tasks with utmost accuracy. It records every single transaction in real-time and updates the effect made by all such transactions.

With updating data in the real-time, VCA financial solution enhances accuracy and enables businesses in carrying out all the financial tasks with utmost efficiency and on time. Reports on financial data and statements are readily available for business leaders to refer. Moreover, it is also very helpful in preparing taxation documents and auditing reports.

Pointers to Check Before Implementing a Financial Automation Solution

Pointers to Check Before Implementing a Financial Automation Solution

In the prevailing market condition, where every business decision directly hits the business performance and where every single penny counts, it is important to understand about some of the important aspects of financial automation solution before implementing one. Following is some of the important features that a financial automation solution should incorporate.

Remote Accessibility

In the prevalent competitive business environment, finance executives cannot afford to stay away from businesses. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the financial solutions, being implemented offers remote accessibility or not.

VCA finance solution, for instance, has been designed with Software-as-a-Service delivery model that allows financial executives to manage operations even from a remote location. Traditional methods of maintaining ledger books involve too much of hardware and software. Therefore, it is important to check, whether the solution offers online services or offline services.

Incorporating SaaS business delivery model, VCA finance enables businesses in harnessing complete benefit of Internet-of-Things (IoT). Therefore, they do not have to install too much of software and maintain much hardware. VCA accounting solution records every single data and saves it on the cloud, which allows instant access to all the financial data and statements even when you are on the go.

There are innumerable solutions, which are full of features but businesses have to incur additional costs in the training of team members. Therefore, businesses should look for a solution that is not complex to use and consists of a friendly user-interface. Moreover, owners and directors are not necessarily aware of accounting activities and therefore they should choose a finance solution that can be easily explored and managed.

VCA finance consists of a visual dashboard and that makes a user-friendly interface, which can be accessed by Directors, Managers, and other finance executives with accessibility according to their level. VCA’s visual dashboard shows every single transaction in real-time and gives an instant access to all the financial data and other relevant accounting statements. With the visual dashboard, businesses can set up a seamless workflow.

Real-Time Data Update

Value Creation Automation (VCA) finance and accounting solution

Whether the financial data is updated in the real-time or not plays an important role in overall business performance. And hence, it becomes paramount to ensure that whether a transaction and its overall effect are reflected in the system in the real-time or not.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) finance and accounting solution is designed to update every single transaction and its effect in the ledger books in the real-time. This fastens the process and enables business leaders in making effective decisions based on the facts. They can even track the financial performances and can draft future plans and strategies without any complexities.

Cost-Saving Measures

One of the most important factors is — whether the solution you are opting for saves on operational costs in every possible way. Solutions such as VCA finance is designed with proven business models such as Six-Sigma and Lean Management that enables businesses in significantly reducing the overall operational costs. VCA finance reduces the manual intervention and therefore plays a key role in enhancing the accuracy in the financial tasks being performed. It leaves no room for gaps and with automation technology, VCA enables the business system in successfully updating every single data.

Having automated the financial process, business gets empowered with super-fast computing ability that supports in performing calculations with a super-fast speed and also helps in processing a large amount of data without any hassles. Companies need not spend time on performing same tasks and calculations repeatedly.

VCA is Designed to Harness Gains of Automation Technology 

VCA finance consists of many such above discussed features, which make it one of the world’s leading financial solutions. With these various features, VCA finance ensures complete security to entire accounting data and promises a robust financial performance.

In an age where technologies are being adopted by all small, medium and large enterprises with a breakneck speed, VCA finance is designed to give an edge. Companies across the world, can harness complete gains of technology and secure a sustained growth throughout.

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