World’s Leading CRM Software: Value Creation Automation CRM

“VCA is the world’s leading CRM software platform which aims to create a better business environment”

It’s not only the product or service which counts, its how you sell it to your customers, that is what really counts. Any business which lacks in sustaining or nurturing it current relationships with customers is bound to be left behind. In today’s market, customers are looking for value in the form of a complete shopping experience. And this experience relies heavily on CRM systems, which is why thousands of businesses, big and small are investing in CRM software programs and marketing automation software.

Before we move on to some interesting statistics about the usage of CRM, I’d like to define what a CRM actually it. In simple words, we can say that a CRM software helps businesses manage customer contacts, create leads, and eventually boost sales.

According to Forbes Magazine, the CRM industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and is expected to exceed $40 billion. Another Software Advice study shows that CRM systems are continually undergoing developments for enhancement. Over 87% of CRM systems are no cloud based, making them more accessible and powerful.

These numbers clearly reflect the demand of CRM systems and point towards multiple CRM providers in the market. But only a few renowned vendors have made it to the top of the list. VCA Value Creation Automation CRM is among the leading CRM platforms which is making a lot of buzz in the market across the world.

Developed by Cordis Technology, VCA CRM is an advanced customer relationship management software which aims to boost business growth the simple way.

VCA CRM – A New Approach to Managing your Customer Base

VCA CRM – A New Approach to Managing your Customer Base

As we all know, it is much expensive to acquire new customers than to keep current ones. This doesn’t mean you stop finding new customers, rather, it shows how important it is to manage your existing customer relationships and prevent them from leaving you. Building customer loyalty is what the focus is here. And how do you that? With VCA CRM system. This unique tool uses AI technology to give you an all-in-one platform for customer relationship management.

What sets VCA apart from the rest is its multi-faceted capabilities that can manage one-on-one customer relationships with little or zero manual input. So, in case you forgot to send out an important promotional email to your existing client, VCA will do it for you.

The software platform can also detect user preferences, buying behavior, changes in shopping patters and create a detailed customer profile for your business. Much of your manual work is eliminated, leaving you with more time and resources to focus on other core areas of the business such as strategy planning and growth.

Features of VCA CRM

VCA CRM comprises of multiple tools which are integrated to create a feature-rich platform. These tools can help build effective relationships and make sales an easier task. Let’s review each feature:

Automated accounts and contact management

The software can create, track, update and sync entire customer profiles to give you complete information of contacts. You don’t have to worry about duplication of data or outdated information.

  • Case Management Automation

VCA identifies complaints and problems issued by customers through its two-way engagement platform. Each issue is categorized, tagged and sent for review in real-time. This enhances problem-solving and ensures all complaints are resolved as soon as possible.

  • Leads Management

The software program captures leads through multiple channels and is consistently analyzing customer networks through Pushcord. The system can identify potential sales opportunities and gather information for contact building.

  • Sales forecasting and analytics

VCA can track opportunities and provide a through and detailed sales forecast. This information is collected and displayed through graphs and charts on user dashboards.

  • Customized reporting

Managers and sales team can monitor performance in real-time, retrieve reports and request for customized reports in real-time.

  • Automated Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) tool

CRM software programs and marketing automation software

VCA uses RFM analysis tools to capture data regarding customer sales, frequency of purchases, amount spent on purchase and more. This tool can identify top customers and enable marketing experts to devise customized promotional strategies accordingly.

  • Advanced email integration

VCA CRM comes with an in-built email integration tool. All emails sent and received by your and your customers are automatically uploaded on relevant profiles. This helps built a reference stream which shows entire email communication in a chronological manner.

  • SMS and email campaigning

Marketing walks hand in hand with CRM. VCA provides a comprehensive campaign platform which can be used to create promotional SMS and email messages. All campaigns can be scheduled for execution with advanced settings for tracking.

  • Automated social media integration

Social media management pays a crucial role in customer contact building and sales. With VCA CRM, you can easily track social media activity of your customers, promote your products and services, and target a larger audience.

These are just a few of many features on VCA CRM. The software platform allows your customers and clients to connect with you on a single platform. This user-interface is simple and easy to use, making communication a two-way process.

How Much Will VCA CRM Cost You?

You may be wondering how expensive is this advanced CRM tool, is it a free CRM? Is it an online CRM? According to a recent market analysis, VCA CRM falls among the least costly CRM solutions out there. The reason behind the low-cost strategy is the vision of the creators of VCA. VCA was solely developed to benefit businesses and customers, without a priority on costs.

Unlike other expensive CRM software programs, VCA requires no capital investment or hardware installation. All you need to do is opt for a free trial, request the product if you think it suits your business, and start paying a monthly fee for the number of users you have. Simple? You can even request a demo or get a free visit from VCA experts. Just visit

Cloud or Not?

Cloud is the way to go in today’s fast-moving consumer market. And it is cheaper too. If you run a small sized business, it wouldn’t seem right to buy a large-scale server which not only takes up space, but also costs a fortune. VCA CRM comes on cloud, which means you don’t have to blow your budget for this software. On the other hand, having your CRM on cloud means you can access the program from anywhere from your laptop, desktop and even mobile phone.

What Will VCA CRM Help Your Business Achieve?

VCA CRM completely automates marketing campaign management

As a business owner, no matter what CRM you get, you want to see results. With VCA CRM, you can expect to see rapid results in not just sales but also on many other fronts. Take a look at the main benefits of VCA CRM:

  • Improved sales

With better lead capturing, you can expect to see an increase in sales. VCA will directly impact the sales cycle by reducing it and improving close rates. For example, when a customer generates an inquiry, the CRM platform will automatically trigger the quotation process, send order and direct tasks for completion.

  • Hassle-free campaign management

A marketing campaign, whether that’s email or SMS will comprise of multiple steps such as creating text, templates, designing the message, finding the target audience, sending messages, and so on. VCA CRM completely automates marketing campaign management, giving you a hassle-free experience. You can select message types, templates and schedule messages or emails to be sent on specific dates. The system can also send out reminders and follow-ups.

  • Low costs

Manually handling CRM tasks is next to impossible, extremely costly and can lead to major errors. Of course, you don’t want to be sending the wrong promotional messages to the wrong type of target audience. An angry customer can mean loss of potential customers. Managing relationships with your customer must be dealt with extreme care and caution. VCA CRM can help reduce costs related to manual management and also minimize costs related to errors and delays.

  • Consistency in customer service

Your customers expect a personalized response to their queries in real-time. A late or mismatched response will only lead to a displeased customer. So, let VCA CRM take care of consistency in quality and effective time management. The software program can send out timely responses, highlight important queries from customers, prioritize tasks and ensure delivery is on time.

  • Improved decision-making process

With entire data and customer information at your fingertips, your business decision making processes will drastically improve. VCA can help you base your decision on real-time and updated customer data, giving you useful insight on current market scenarios, demands and trends.

  • Business growth

The most profound benefit that should be highlighted here is business growth. VCA can pave way for better market capture, increased customer satisfaction and overall growth. You can create and sustain customer relationships with the help of VCA and increase brand loyalty.

VCA CRM is all about combining technology and your network relationships to create a sustainable and engaging environment. The software program is flexible and agile, and can give you the tools you need to take your business beyond expectations.

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