Best Business Process Management Software for Workflow Automation

Continuously evolving technologies have rapidly changed everything for businesses all over the world. The way today accounts are being managed, advertisements are being made, customers are being approached and also the way competition challenges are being dealt with, the business functioning style has completely transformed.

Companies are embracing technologies such as Business Process Management (BPM) software and transforming the way processes function. Many of the advanced BPM software, for instance, VCA (Value Creation Automation) or Microsoft Dynamics, are enabling business firms in streamlining entire tasks and activities pertaining to business, both inside and outside.

It is the age of robotic process automation, where cognitive thinking has turned to be a reality. And, with advanced business process automation software such as VCA, businesses are able to harness complete gains of technology.

Business processes, these days, are not much dependent on the human workforce as tasks are automated. And, this comes with a set of benefits for employees, business firms and for customers as well.

Benefits of Workflow Automation

Benefits of Workflow Automation with VCA

Advanced BPM software helps companies in automating day-to-day tasks and activities or said more appropriately ‘in workflow automation.’ They help in putting tasks in correct sequence and in organizing every business activity.

 Benefits to Business Firms –

  • Helps in optimum resource utilization
  • Supports in identification and elimination of non-value adding tasks
  • Ensures performance bottlenecks are successfully eliminated
  • Advanced communication channels such as SMS, email, voicemail, video calling are integrated

With the continuously rising competition, businesses are forced to adopt the emerging culture of workflow automation. Traditional automation applications such as ERP, CRM or BPM are no more capable of helping businesses in gaining competitive advantages. But advanced business process automation software is designed to drive overall performance and lead companies towards a sustained growth.

 Benefits for Employees –

  • They no more have to get involved in tasks with high risks
  • Unrelenting workload recedes and they remain free from stress
  • They are able to real the benefits of standardization of work
  • Supporting both horizontal and vertical communication, workflow automation software such as VCA allows employees to directly communicate with both Managers and Directors

With the workflow automation, employees remain motivated and as a result, they put their best effort towards achieving the common organizational goal. Moreover, a smooth workflow set by automation of processes boosts the confidence of employees, which is always essential in a company’s growth.

 Benefits for Customers –

  • Customers get the benefits of timely delivery of products and services
  • Their queries are instantly resolved, across multiple communication channels
  • Workflow automation helps businesses in instant generation of invoices for the customers
  • Business can keep a consolidated record of every single customer

Above all this, customer’s satisfaction is always kept in mind. With workflow automation software, businesses can achieve accurate results within the allocated budget and the stipulated time. This adds to the customer’s satisfaction and enables businesses in delivering true value at every different business stage. All these factors are crucial for increased customer loyalty, which can ensure constant revenue generation for businesses.

Leading Business Process Automation (BPM) Software

Leading Business Process Automation (BPM) Software in Dubai

Following is some of the world’s BPM software, which are enabling businesses in reaping the complete benefits of workflow automation.

  • Value Creation Automation (VCA) – Developed by Cordis Technology, VCA is an end-to-end business solution. It automates tasks and activities, right from ideation to delivery of goods and services to customers. Designed to update every single business transaction in the real-time, this workflow automation software keeps each and every business information at the fingertips of Owners and Directors. It boosts their decision-making ability and gives them an enhanced business control.
  • Microsoft Dynamics – Microsoft Dynamics is another business process management application that helps companies in makes the best use of ERP and CRM. With this automation software, businesses can reap the benefits of data integration. Be it retail, sales, customer relation or any other business process Microsoft Dynamics streamlines tasks and helps in optimum utilization of resources. Besides supporting in managing diverse business processes, Microsoft Dynamics also helps in exploring new opportunities and implementing technology-enabled measures and tools to achieve them.

Besides, other automation software such as Oracle, SAP, and NetSuite is also enabling businesses in gaining competitive advantages by helping in delivering quality products and services along with complete satisfaction.

Every different BPM software are different in nature but more or less they help in adding to the efficient business performance. With process automation software such as VCA, businesses no more need to invest in separate applications for separate processes. VCA unifies the features of innumerable traditional business software such as ERP, CRM or BPM.

With the pace competition is growing, businesses are left with no other option but to adopt advanced BPM software.

5 Advantages of Implementing a BPM Software

Following is 5 of the many advantages process automation software has to offer.

1.  Reduction in Operational Costs

Business process automation software, for instance, VCA, is designed with proven technological business models such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Lean Management and Six-Sigma, which enables businesses in implementing a robust approach which significantly proves effective in reducing overall operational costs of companies.

On one side, where traditional automation software such as ERP, CRM, and BPM has helped businesses in achieving an enhanced level of efficiency, rising operational costs, on the other side, has become a matter of great concern. And, perhaps, this is the great reason of decline in the demand of such traditional business process automation solutions.

But advanced process automation software such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) ensures timely completion of tasks within the budget allocated. With reduced human dependency, errors reduce sharply and companies are able to achieve an enhanced level of accuracy. Moreover, advanced business process management software also enables companies in identifying the resources lying idle, so that it can be instantly directed towards achieving organizational goals.

2.  Helps Businesses in Evolving Holistically

With advanced BPM software such as VCA, business gets to achieve holistic evolvement. From producing quality goods and services, managing different business aspects efficiently, formulating and implementing effective strategies having understood the continuously changing behavior of customers, winning the confidence of stakeholders within and outside, achieving enhanced customer loyalty, a sound return-on-investment (ROI) and a sustained growth — advanced process automation software enables in overall growth.

3.  Enhanced Visibility Within Processes

As process automation software is designed to support in an integrated business management, it results in increased transparency and visibility. For instance, automation software such as VCA comes along with a visual dashboard, which is designed to display every single business detail in the real-time. VCA’s visual dashboard notifies an employee when he or she is assigned with a task. On the other hand, managers also get a notification when the tasks are acknowledged. Instant response to questions by employees and also to customer queries helps businesses in setting up a hassle-free workflow.

4.  Process Efficiency & Risk Mitigation

Advanced automation software is designed to make processes efficient. Right from the generation of the business idea to the identification and elimination of problem areas, BPM software such as VCA automates every task. And this leaves no room for gaps. On the other side, advanced business automation software also aids businesses with improved analytical skills. With this, businesses leaders are able to mitigate the risks in processes, before they actually occur.

5.  Delivers Value for Customers

BPM software such as VCA is designed to add value at every stage

Automated processes enable companies in planning and performing activities reviving around the interest of customers. Value is directly proportional to customer satisfaction, which involves many different elements such as quality of product, price, packaging, ease of placing the order, after sales services and many more. BPM software such as VCA is designed to add value at every stage, which helps businesses in retaining existing customers and adding new ones.

BPM Software Supports in a Sustained Development

Advanced process automation software is helping businesses in implementing a robust approach towards achieving an exponential growth even in the long run. With modern technologies such as the Cloud, businesses no more maintain business data, reports and statements on paper or in Excel and Google spreadsheet. Every data pertaining to business is saved in the Cloud. Business leaders can log-in even through their mobile phones and tablets and can have instant access to the updated data and information, anytime and anywhere.

Additionally, with technological business models such as SaaS, businesses are no more required to install a mess of software and hardware to manage business processes. Be it a business financial report or be it a data pertaining to customers, every single piece of information is integrated and made readily available to the Owners and Directors. All these factors together ensure a smooth workflow, which enables business in gaining the confidence of employees, creditors, investors, customers, suppliers and even government authorities, which is crucial for a long-term and sustained growth of small to medium and large business organizations.

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