Accept It or Not, ERPs & CRMs Are Succumbing to a Greater Force

Business solutions such as ERP and CRM has been used for a long time to increase efficiency for certain specific processes. Businesses relied on these old-day solutions as it supported in performing business activities. But, with competitions growing continuously and advancements in technology, ERPs and CRMs are succumbing to a greater force – advanced automation solutions.

One such technological solution is Value Creation Automation or VCA, which, unlike ERP, BPM or CRM system applications, is a complete business solution. In fact, it is a combination of many such old-day automation solutions. VCA is designed to automate entire processes, making diverse business nuances visible.

ERP or CRM business solution have enjoyed their age of intense attention and now it is time for the graph to fall. Many business leaders think, ERP or CRM solutions are now not able to fulfill new process requirements, may be because of their rigid structure. Some even complain that solutions such as CRMs and ERPs are not fit to be used according to their preferred way. Moreover, cost overrun is another major reason that has forced businesses to explore new growth opportunities with advanced business solutions such as VCA.

technological solution is Value Creation Automation or VCA

VCA can be customized according to new process requirements and is designed to reduce costs of operation. Unlike ERPs and CRMs, VCA consist of an inbuilt development mechanism that enables businesses in remaining technologically updated, without any time or work lag. However, there are other important factors that make VCA cost-efficient.

Eliminates Need to Monitor Tasks Manually

VCA consists of a visual control kit, which brings entire business activities on one single screen. It records every single transaction and allows Directors and Managers to access entire information in real-time. Manager can tag tasks to employees, by their name and even track task’s progress sitting right at their workstation. VCA’s visual dashboard enables businesses in controlling complete operations even from a remote location. It ensures resources undergo optimum utilization and tasks are not adding any value are successfully eliminated. This significantly supports in deleting tasks efficiently.

Removes Waste and Keeps Defects to Minimum Level

Advanced business solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) deploys proven Six-Sigma and Lean production approach. With this, it becomes uncomplicated for companies to run business operations. These advanced approaches support in identifying and eliminating problem areas within processes. Moreover, it controls on defects and keeps the error-rate under control. Having implemented VCA solution, businesses can eliminate wastes as well, which means optimum resource utilization.

VCA Integrates Various Functionalities

VCA Integrates Various Functionalities

ERPs and CRMs lack the ability to integrate. They cannot be combined with other different applications or functionalities. But VCA is designed to support in automating entire management aspects. HR team members have limited role to play in shortlisting of candidates and their recruitment. Advanced automation helps in entire HR activities such a preparing payroll every month-end, sharing company protocols and information on benefits, bonuses etc. Similarly, companies can automate entire finance, inventory, customer relation, supply chain and other departments. Therefore, applications such as VCA is designed to reduce dependency on the human workforce, which means accuracy in entire business tasks.

With immense potentials, advanced automation solutions are capable of transforming businesses in very less time frame. It streamlines entire business activities in order to support businesses in accomplishing organizational goals within allocated budget and time. With VCA, businesses get the ability to look beyond maximizing productivity and profit. It results in value creation at every level, which increases credibility within customers and turns businesses to be a brand in long run.

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